The Pips (Greenwich Time Signal)

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The Pips (Greenwich Time Signal):

The term "PIPS Greenwich Time Signal" likely refers to the time signal provided by the PIPS (Post Office and BT Information Services) system at Greenwich, which is part of the United Kingdom. The Greenwich Time Signal, often known as the "BBC pips," is a series of six short tones broadcast at the top of each hour on BBC Radio. These tones help people synchronize their timekeeping devices with the official time.

The time signal consists of five short pips, each lasting one-tenth of a second, with a gap of one-tenth of a second between each. The sixth pip is longer, lasting half a second, and it is on the precise start of the new hour.

This time signal has been a feature of BBC Radio broadcasts since 1924, providing an audible reference for individuals to set their clocks accurately. It is particularly useful for those who need precise timekeeping, such as astronomers, navigators, and individuals involved in various professional activities where accurate timing is crucial.


What are the Pips or the Greenwich Time Signal?
The Pips, also known as the Greenwich Time Signal, are a series of six short tones broadcast online at the beginning of each hour on BBC Radio. They serve as a time reference.
Why are the Pips used, and what is their significance?
The Pips are used to provide an audible time signal, helping individuals synchronize their timekeeping devices. They have been a feature of BBC Radio broadcasts since 1924.
How are the Pips generated, and is it done online?
The Pips are electronically generated by the online PIPS system located in Greenwich, UK. This system ensures the accurate and timely broadcast of the time signal.
Who benefits from the Pips, and why are they important?
The Pips benefit individuals who require precise timekeeping, including professionals like astronomers and navigators. The signal provides a standardized and reliable reference for time synchronization.
Can the Pips be heard online, and is there a specific frequency?
Yes, the Pips can be heard online during the time signal broadcast on BBC Radio. The specific frequency is broadcast at the top of each hour, providing an easily accessible reference for online listeners.