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Tonegen is like the superhero of speaker care. It's this fantastic online Speaker Cleaner that works crazy fast. You just play some sound, and voila, it magically clears out all the pesky dust in your speakers, making them sound brand new. But here's the really cool part – if your phone ever takes an unexpected dive and gets wet, Tonegen steps in and kicks out the water from your speakers. It's like having a tech-savvy guardian angel for your audio gear, making sure your sound stays awesome.

How Online Speaker Cleaner works

So, you accidentally dropped your phone into some not-so-phone-friendly places like the toilet, sink, or pool? We've all been there. The trouble is, when water creeps into your phone's speaker, the sound gets all wonky and muffled. It's a real headache. Leaving any kind of liquid hanging out in there is a surefire way to end up with some serious damage when it dries up. But here's the cool part – it's a bit like the trick the Apple Watch does with water.

How Water Removal Sound Works

The process of water removal sound involves emitting a specific tone that generates sound waves. These sound waves, when played through the device's speaker, create vibrations that help dislodge and expel water that may have entered the speaker enclosure. It's a clever mechanism inspired by the Apple Watch's built-in water ejection feature. The emitted sound waves essentially serve as a gentle force, pushing the water out of the speaker openings, preventing potential damage and restoring optimal audio functionality.

Fix My Speakers Using water eject tool

Dropped your phone in water? Don't panic! offers a simple and free solution. By playing a specific sound, similar to Apple's water ejection feature, it effectively removes water from your phone's speakers. Check out their video tutorial for an easy fix and ensure your phone stays damage-free. However, if it's saltwater, consider seeking professional help for a safe recovery. Keeping your phone's speaker clean and dry is key to preventing damage.


How does Fix My Speaker work to remove water from phone speakers?
Fix My Speaker uses sound waves to create vibrations in the phone's speakers, effectively ejecting water.
Can Fix My Speaker be used for earpods and other devices?
Yes, Fix My Speaker is designed to remove dust from both phone speakers and earpods.
Is using sound to clean phone speakers safe?
Yes, using sound is a safe, simple, and effective method. It generates vibrations that push out liquid or debris without the risk of damaging the phone.
What if my phone fell into saltwater? Can Fix My Speaker still help?
For saltwater incidents, it's recommended to seek professional help for a safe recovery.
Are there any potential issues caused by water and dust in phone speakers?
Water and dust can lead to problems such as muffled or distorted sound, reduced volume, shortened battery life, overheating, and corrosion or damage to speaker components.
How do I clean my phone speaker using sound with Fix My Speaker?
Disconnect from Bluetooth devices, maximize the phone volume, and tap the 'Eject water tool' button on the Fix My Speaker website. Repeat until there is no more water or dust coming out.
Why is it important to clean phone speakers promptly?
Prompt cleaning is crucial to prevent worsening problems like damaged sound quality, reduced volume, and potential harm to internal components.
Can I use traditional methods, like toothpicks or cotton swabs, to clean my phone speakers?
Using traditional methods can be risky and ineffective, potentially causing more harm than good. The sound method is a safer alternative.
Is Fix My Speaker a paid service?
No, Fix My Speaker is a free and easy-to-use web app.
How long should I leave my phone in a sealed rice bag if the sound method doesn't work?
If the sound method is unsuccessful, leaving the phone in a sealed rice bag for a day is recommended before seeking professional assistance.
How can I clean my iPhone speaker?
To clean your iPhone speaker, power off the device, use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to gently remove visible debris, and consider using compressed air for stubborn particles. Optionally, dampen a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol for sticky substances. Avoid water and ensure your device is powered on after cleaning to test the speaker's functionality.
How to Get water out of iphone?
To clean water from your phone speaker, start by powering off your device. Disconnect from any Bluetooth speakers or earbuds. Increase the phone volume to the maximum level. Visit the website, tap the 'Eject water' button, and wait for 4 minutes or more. Repeat until no more water or dust comes out. If not working please seek professional help.